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Technical Guide for Conservatory Surveyors

Technical Guide for Conservatory Surveyors
Within this section we will cover most of the key points to consider when doing an intial survey for a customer requiring a conservatory. If there are still questions you need answering then don't hesitate, get in touch with us using the contact details on the menu to the left. We are able to supply you with a more indepth guide.

Planning permission and building regulations.
These two are often confused and the following notes are intended for guidance only, and are general requirements for all areas. Please consult the relevant local authority for any specific requirements for the area concerned. On some new housing estates the developers sometimes insert a clause in the deeds requiring their permission to extend the house. This should be checked and in some cases a small fee may be charged to obtain permission.

Definition of a conservatory.
According to the Department of the Enviroment, a conservatory is defined as "A building that has not less than three quarters of its roof area made of translucent material, and not less than fifty percent of its wall area made of glass"

Specific planning permission is not normally required if the following guidelines are met: